Someone Else’s Presentation

I really enjoyed Nadia’s presentation about the multiple perspectives of virtual worlds. The presentation was delivered really well and the content was interesting. Although we discussed virtual worlds in class, Nadia was able to teach the class something new through her research. I also liked the fact that she was well prepared and didn’t read directly off of her powerpoint slides. The slides themselves were informative but not cluttered with information. Nadia was able to maintain everyone’s attention on what she was saying because there was limited information on her slides, which were a great visual aid. In addition, the video which showed how businesses use virtual worlds to conduct business (meetings, decision making, etc.) added life to the whole presentation. I have a new outlook on virtual worlds after seeing Nadia’s presentation. I did not know that virtual worlds are used in the military nor did I know they are used by doctors or in universities. I thought of several ways virtual worlds would be helpful (e.g. medical studies, schools) but I did not know some of them actually existed. Nadia definitely did her research!


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