My Presentation

I feel like my presentation today went well. I felt at ease while I was speaking in front of the class because I researched the topic I chose in depth.  Although I did realize that the general point I was trying to explain became confusing. I wanted to discuss the fact that media has been replaced with newer media at such a fast pace that it has caused certain people to fall behind and not be able to keep up with new technologies. Since my presentation was titled “The (Near) Future Of New Media”, I guess my classmates expected an analysis of what will happen with new media within the next few years. My discussion about the iPad and 3-D TV probably seemed like I was talking about the present, but the implication was that there will be some newer technologies introduced very soon that will replace what is considered new today. That has been the trend over the last 20 years. I also wanted to touch on the fact that because of this trend, we will eventually be somewhat out-of-date with future technology. My theory could be wrong, but I know that I was right when I said that traditional activities will continue to be replaced by digital activities. I could have found a better way to  connect my ideas, but I hope the class got something out of watching/listening anyway.


One Response to “My Presentation”

  1. mihui jang Says:

    it was so interested and you did a great job. i presented about the future of old media but my presentation went to similar like you did such as introducing the touch TV. Nice job!

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