Our Class Wiki – So Far

I decided to create a page for New Media in the Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Industry on our class wiki. Since I work in this industry, I noticed ways in which new media is used for efficiency. For example, the POS system used by bartenders and waitresses can be considered a larger version of the iPad. I have yet to add information about this to the wiki, but I have added other content which I found in articles related to the subject.

Also, I decided to edit a section in the wiki where I found grammar and spelling errors. Under “Marketing and Advertising in New Media” I re-typed several sentences so that they make more sense. Perhaps I will find other errors while skimming through the wiki and edit those, too. With a growing number of contributors, it may be difficult to proofread all the content as it increases.


5 Responses to “Our Class Wiki – So Far”

  1. john Says:

    Cool. I”LL be sure to check that new page out. btw its really annoying to post comments on wordpress you should’ve made your account with blogger lol

    • teeteee Says:

      I have a blogger account so I decided to create one with wordpress for the class. I guess that explains why nobody posts comments on my blogs lol. Either that or I write too much..

  2. Raymond Huynh Says:

    Proofreading several sections is hard, so it might be more time efficient to focus on a few sections you have a personal interest in at first, then move on to other sections when you have more free time.

  3. Dipen Says:

    lol i agree with eric too. its not so plasant commenting here! hahaha

  4. Swetha Mukkavilli Says:

    That sounds very interesting. I’ll check that page out. I realized too when I was going through the Wiki. As it takes so many time to correct everything, I thought I should just concentrate on things that really so interest me like Raymond said.

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