My New Media Class – So Far

This New Media class is different from other classes offered at Baruch College. That is because it some of the assignments (such as this one) allow students to include their opinions and personal input along with facts. Also, while classes such as Economics, Accounting, and Statistics are based on formulas and principles which barely change over time, New Media progresses and changes very quickly. New media ten years ago is now considered old media. Who knows what students will be learning in this class five years from now.

Sure, most classes require some group work to be done, but it does not compare to the collaboration of students in New Media. Students in this class contribute to a wiki which contains anything and everything related to New Media and can be viewed by anyone via the internet. I, for one, decided to create a page for New Media in the Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Industry. Also, after posting blogs on given topics, students must comment on their classmates blogs. When I read my classmates’ blogs, I get a broader understanding of each topic. Even when the class will be over, students will be able to create their own personal blog posts, if they discovered they enjoy blogging.

New Media in a nutshell is blogs, wikis, Facebook (Professor Friedman). Since most students are active participants in at least one of those (Facebook would be the most common I believe), the class seems more exciting. I’m sure so far, everyone has learned some interesting tid-bit that stuck in their mind (e.g. the term “debugging” a computer came about when someone had to literally pull a moth out of an old computer to fix it). If I may add, Professor Friedman likes to use a wide range of vocabulary* which I look up in during class. This is an inadvertent* benefit.

 In addition to learning the history and components of New Media, students can teach each other various aspects of the subject through their research for term presentations. I would describe this type of learning as synergetic* and dynamic. Not only do the students learn from the professor, but sometimes students can offer new insights to the professor as well. The class builds and progresses as New Media does the same.


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